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Happy Nurses Week!

What a great idea…dedicate a week to recognize the contribution of nurses across the country and around the world. Yes indeed, a terrific idea. But hopefully, this wouldn’t be the only time we recognize the impact of our profession on the world.

Bittersweet moments

Today is the anniversary of my Mother’s death. She died on May 14,1989. It was on Mother’s Day. It was 23 years ago but I remember it like it was just yesterday. Every year, in the days leading up to this day, I replay the events I remember in vivid color.

6500 Reasons to be proud to be a Critical Care Nurse!

Just finished up a week in Orlando with 6500 Critical Care Nurses at the AACN NTI conference. What a fantastic time! I met so many wonderful people with so much passion and devotion to nursing excellence. It was so envigorating. I want to thank all of those nurses who took a moment to stop and talk with me about their work environments, good and bad.

Leaders do not live forever

It has been a few days since the passing of a tremendous Leader in the Community of Nursing: Denise Thornby.  You may not know her but there is a good chance you are working with someone who does.  Denise touched the lives of so many with her wonderful presence.  In her local reach at VCU in Virginia, she had personal impact in the lives of the staff she worked with to develop skills in communication, healthy work environments, and leadership.