Bittersweet moments

Today is the anniversary of my Mother’s death. She died on May 14,1989. It was on Mother’s Day. It was 23 years ago but I remember it like it was just yesterday. Every year, in the days leading up to this day, I replay the events I remember in vivid color. Over the time, some of the pain has faded which is good because it left more room for the terrific memories I shared with my Mom. We had become so close as I grew older, enjoying many shopping trips, great conversation and sharing parenting tips as I raised my young son with her guiding hand and wisdom. What makes it bittersweet? I feel as though I have accomplished so much since her passing yet I have so much to do. I would love to share my victories with her in person, to look into her eyes and see the pride I know she would have for me. But I also could use her sage advice to deal with the challenges that await me as I struggle to find the path in my leadership journey to carry me and my team safely through the obstacles awaiting us. I know I will figure it out…but at the moment, it is a little scary to think of what lies ahead. Mary