Author: Sarah Crowley

What if my boss is the monkey?

Angry monkeyWhen I speak about Healthy Work Environments (HWE), I like to spend some time talking about Skilled Communication and how important it is to creating and sustaining a HWE.  I show this picture of a monkey.  I use it to represent toxic people, people you might be working with, people who you need to have a crucial conversation with about stopping the toxic spewing…

What if my flame of passion for my job is just a flicker?

Karma with keysSometimes, we just need some rejuvenation.  We need a massage that starts on the inside and works its way around until we are feeling good again.  There is not always a single event that begins to turn our flame down to low…sometimes it is a series of events that just begin to wear away at our spirit.  We could have every reason to want to shine brightly, but we can’t muster up the flame.  Even coaxing from our friends to “just let it go” or suggestions to “leave it behind and move on” do not seem to do the trick.  Just sometimes, we need to sit and ponder and conserve.

Ok…I Don’t Know Everything!

Head shot 2 1yoI recently received this question from a Nurse Manager at the Las Vegas Conference I recently spoke at: “Is it okay to admit I am not an expert in all areas, and if so, how do I let others know that it’s okay for them as well?”


A friend of mine introduced me to some fabulous,thought-provoking work by a woman Margaret J. Wheatley. I have been using her inspirations to guide me as I embark on my new journey. I have tried in the past to find the inspiration to contribute in a meaningful way on this blog. I admit, it is an extreme struggle.

I Own It!

I had an opportunity to watch a terrific show on the Discovery Channel yesterday morning. I tripped upon it as I was channel surfing, which made it even a sweeter find. It as if I was meant to come upon the discovery-destined in a way. The topic was medical errors in the healthcare industry. It m are comparisons to aviation and other high risk businesses, all of which has been done many times in conferences and articles we have all been exposed.