I Own It!

I had an opportunity to watch a terrific show on the Discovery Channel yesterday morning. I tripped upon it as I was channel surfing, which made it even a sweeter find. It as if I was meant to come upon the discovery-destined in a way. The topic was medical errors in the healthcare industry. It m are comparisons to aviation and other high risk businesses, all of which has been done many times in conferences and articles we have all been exposed. Of course, healthcare is always lagging behind. This show did a tremendous job of helping to point out successful strategies. But what really struck me was a conversation with a Chief Nursing Officer. She was being interviewed about handling staff who are involved in medical errors. She said the first thing she does when interviewing the staff member is to ask them if they deliberately made the error. If they say “No” she then responds: “Well then, I am responsible for this error occurring.”. She went on to explain it is her belief if she is responsible for patient care in her organization, then she is also responsible for ensuring systems which support safety. If an error occurs that was not deliberate, it is the failure of a system. Being that she sees herself responsible for these systems, she feels she is responsible for the mistake. That is the best example of ownership I think I have heard ever! I Own It! That is my new mantra! Will you say it with me?