A friend of mine introduced me to some fabulous,thought-provoking work by a woman Margaret J. Wheatley. I have been using her inspirations to guide me as I embark on my new journey. I have tried in the past to find the inspiration to contribute in a meaningful way on this blog. I admit, it is an extreme struggle. So many continue to ask me to use my bold voice in this social medium and I keep finding reasons to devote my energy to something else. I have to say,I recently received a very compelling email to get “back at it” and I am going to oblige. So, today, I am going to share the work from Margaret J. Wheatley around “Choosing”. It was something I chose to read at about 2 am when I found myself unable to sleep. “Perseverance is a choice. It’s not a simple, one-time choice, it’s a daily one. There’s never a final decision. Our first “yes” – filled with energy and enthusiasm – brought us here, but it’s of no use as the waters rise and the turbulence increases. By the time we’re surrounded by obstacles and opposition,by aggression and mean-spiritedness, our initial choice has no meaning ( if we can even member that optimistic moment). This is as it should be. Having to make a choice every day keeps us alert and present. Do I have the resources, internal and external, to keep going? Can I deal with what’s in front of me right now? Do I have any patience left? Is there a way through this mess?” These critical questions require a momentary pause, a little reflection. Rather than just striking out or being reactive to a bad day, we offer ourselves freedom. Do I continue or do I give up? Even a brief pause creates the space for freedom. We’re not trapped by circumstances or fatigue. We give ourselves a moment to look as clearly as we can at the current situation. And then we make a conscious choice. Every day.” So there you have it…not my words, but certainly words I find inspiring. Enjoy your day! Mary